Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christmas 2010

this is christmas 2010 at the farley resident i had fun because mom and Dad gave me a nice camera and i had a really fun time trying to fit the whole family in the pictures. Napua got a tinker bell cafe set and i had to put it together lets say that was lots of fun as napua was trying to play ih as i'm putting it together. "now wait i thought i set that right here where did it go". No but it was a great christmas and the girls loves it. I was really lucky to get Leilani in a good picture. We baked lots of home made treats this year and gave lots away to friends and neighbors but i didn't get a picture. oh well it prob. would of drove everybody nuts.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Napua at the end of the basket hunt she didn't really seem happy but she was once she had the peep in her mouth.

It was our annual basket hunt put on by mom to help the easter bunny. I think napua wasn't sure what to make of the whole wild commotion. See the overalls those are the ones Tressie sent her pretty cute. sorry we didn't get a head on shot we did try though.

See she didn't wake up but it made for a pretty good photo.

In the eggs they had little cupons or things you can redeem. Napua got a free cone free Mcdonalds. she fell asleep just as we got the cone i thought if i put it to her mouth she would wake up but she didn't.

Just another picture of the family coloring their eggs.